Pups With Souls


We  have been rescuing pups for almost 4 years, we have kept a few of them LOL. We have 8 of our own, if they fit into the pack, they end up staying, I have a ridiculous passion for animals, especially Dogs, its always been a Vision and Dream of mine to have my own Rescue one day. When my boyfriend and I moved to a 10 acre ranch almost 7 years ago I knew I would build my own rescue eventually.   FINALLY its happened, we started building in July 2019 and put the last kennel in on Nov 8th 2019, I am soooo excited that we can now rescue more dogs. We rescue from all over Canada, down to the Shelters in LA, and a few from Mexico so far, we rescue, take surrenders, and rehome them to their perfect forever families!!  We love all dogs big and small.
We rescued our 1st Boy Maverick 18 years ago, he passed when he was 15.5 years old. He was an Olde English Bulldog, toughest most stubborn guy I know lol, but We dedicate our rescue to him, because he was our 1st and showed absolute unconditional love, which is all I want for every dog !!!
Our rescue has 11 kennels, they are a big size so dogs will feel comfortable if they are with me for a longer period of time. There’s 1 big 1500 sq foot dog run’s attached where they have free run, as well as two other big outside runs.  plus the 10 acres they get to go for walks and runs.
We are just so Grateful that we can rescue pups and find them their forever homes!