Pups With Souls

Pups that have been ADOPTED!

All Our Dogs That Have Found New Homes!


Meet David !!!

David is a SUPER Chill boy !!!

Like one of the easier going dogs ever lol He just wants to hangout wherever you are, loves to cuddle, and great in the car, follows you on walks! He had a rough start, left at a shelter in in LA, and was on the euthanize list

He’s friendly with dogs, kids, people, not 100% about cats!!! He’s about 5 ish or so, so just looking for a family to spoil him 

Maybe that’s you ?? 


Hi my name is Mosaaic 
I think I’m pretty handsome, and I’m a real sweet boy, I love walks, tug of war, chillin, going for car rides, I’m pretty easy going,  and I’m friendly with almost everyone! 
I’m about 2 years old., my rescue mom brought me up from LA, a nice rescue down there saved me from being euthanized !
There’s so many of us that are in the shelters there or being euthanized because there’s no space, So I’ll be forever grateful they chose me.
I hear the winters are cold here lol I’m ready tho, I look really cute in a jacket !
I’m looking for a family that I can love forever !!! Maybe you ?


Meet Milo 

Milo is the sweetest boy. 

Milo loves to be with his people and is happy to be with you whether that’s watching movies, going for a walk, swimming or enjoying some sun in the yard! He is happy anywhere!

He walks great on his leash, loves going for car rides, is completely house and crate trained.

Milo has so much love to give and would be the best companion! If you’re looking for puppy cuddles, unconditional love and the best friend you’ve ever had Milo is your guy 

Milo is about 10/11 months Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped

Who’s looking to add a sweet boy to the family ?


Hi my name is Billie 
I think I’m pretty handsome, my ears are my best feature LOL  and I’m a realllyyyy sweet boy and I’m pretty easy going. I love playing with all my friends, I love people and kids too, I listen really well, and I love to give hugs ! 
My dog mom passed away when I was a week old, so my rescue mom bottle fed me and raised me like her own! I have 6 brothers and sisters, I’m the last to get adopted. I’m looking for that special family that wants to spoil me rotten, and for me to give all the hugs and kisses too ! 
I was born on April 28th, so I’m still pretty young 
I’m Neutered, Fully Vaccinated and Microchipped! 
I’m looking for a family that I can love forever !!!
Maybe you ?


Meet Harper 

Harper is 11 ish months, she’s a Mastiff Mix

Absolutely beautiful, she’s a big, clumsy, loving girl, she’s almost 100 pounds already, and still growing !!!

She is Good with Dogs with the right introduction, she loves to snuggle, get her belly rubbed and hangout wherever you are !!! She has great manners.. and totally thinks shes a lap dog !

This sweet girl is looking for a Home


a FOSTER until her forever home is found !

She is Vaccinated, Spay’d and Microchipped!

Whos looking for a big beautiful couch potato?


Meet Bear
This guy is truly one of the most Chillest Dogs I’ve ever met!
Bear had a really rough start, he was in a pack attack,  he was very very beat up, he’s healing well, his hair is coming back now, he is a hairy dog normally,  He did loose an eye in the attack sadly.
Bear is the sweetest boy, loves to give hugs, go for walks, car rides, hangout with you, he’s got awesome recall
He can be nervous around certain dogs (and very understandable),  he’s great hanging with chill dogs that don’t wanna be in his space….
Who’s looking for a Big Bear  to join the family ?


Meet Gray

We named him Gray because his eyes are absolutely stunning, I’ve never seen eyes like his! 

Gray was found with 2 other pups on the side of the road, no houses, or vehicles in sight !!!

He’s got a great personality, he can be super chill but yet play play play, he’s very submissive with the other pups too, he plays well with the adult dogs and he could definitely benefit from puppy classes to!

he’s a snuggle bug !!!!! 

He’s roughly 5 months, Neutered, Fully Vaccinated and Microchipped 

Who’s looking for a handsome boy ?


Meet Melly 
This boy is so handsome, his colour is beautiful 
Melly is Almost a year old!
Super friendly, super sweet, he’s the perfect size, walks great on leash, listens really well, likes car rides too!
He can be a little nervous at 1st with new things, and looks at you for reinforcement. He does need a little work on food aggression with his bowl towards other dogs (not humans) , work in progress!
Vaccinated, Neutered and Microchipped …. . Looking for a home! Who wants to adopt this sweet boy !
Who wants to bring me home ? 


Meet Barkley

Barkley is the cutest lil pup, he is very socialized with all types of dogs and people.  He LOVES to play and snuggle, he has a really funny personality, and VERY smart! 

He is about 14 weeks old, Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped

Who’s looking to add a sweet boy to the family ?


My name is Ava … 

I’m a VERY Beautiful girl, I’ve got really pretty eyes, you can tell exactly what I’m thinking when you look in my eyes! and my fur is sooooo soft !!
I’m really friendly, with dogs, cats, I LOVE Kids and babies

I really like hanging with my person, whatever your doing I’ll come with you, I like car rides, I just sit and chill out!
I love going for walks, I walk so good on a leash!

I’ve got lots of Dog Friends, I play really well,
I’m just the Perfect Girl !!!

I’m looking for a family who wants to love me, and take me on adventures, or we could just chill on the couch 

Are you looking for a Beautiful girl to add to the Family?


Hi my name is Max!

Are you wanting a dude who loves a easy walk, belly rubs and love!? I’m your guy! I’m for sure the easiest going dog !!!!

I love being around people and always have a smile on my face when I greet them. I get along great with other dogs but don’t play to much. I have a pretty cool galaxy eye that makes me even more handsome. Cats don’t bug me at all even if they don’t like me I don’t care.

I’m Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped 

Do you have a spot on your couch for me to come get some belly rubs?!


My name is Bella
I’m a cute short little Rotti Mix! I’ve got the cutest short legs and chunky body LOL
I’m a reallllyyyy Good Girl, I LOVE to play with all the dogs, people, kids, I listen really well.  
I don’t like any dog coming close to my Bones, and sometimes food, but I’m working on that !!
I am about 9 ish months, and I am Spay’d, Vaccinated, and Microchipped.
Who wants to bring me home ? 


My name is Cammy

I’m the sweetest girl ever, I’m a perfect size, I’m a medium size girl. 

I love snuggles, pets, I am a little nervous at 1st, so need slow introductions to new things, I do love to go for  runs on leash!  I Love all people, and kids! 

I am about 1 year/1.5 years max,  Spay’d, Vaccinated, and Microchipped ! 

Ready to find my Family !!!!   


My name is Lillie, I am a really beautiful girl, with really big ears LOL but that’s what makes me so cute ! 

I’m about 7/8 months, I am really friendly, I love to cuddle as you can see from my pictures, I am VERY smart, I listen really well, I walk good on a leash. 

I’m Spay’d, Vaccinated, and Microchipped 


WHo wants to Adopt me? 


Meet Mamma
She is the nicest girl, she’s been through a lot in her short life, had 11 babies with us about a year and half ago, she had a home but wasn’t the right fit NOTHING to do with her, it was the family that wasn’t a fit for her! .. 
Mamma is a really good girl, super friendly with 99% of dogs, loves people, kids, listens really well, super cuddly, great manners, she walks sooo well on leash, and has great recall when she knows you ! 
Mamma is a perfect size too !! 
Mamma is Spay’d, Vaccinated and Microchipped… 
Looking for her for real forever home this time!!!


Meet Braxton
He’s a Distinguished Gentleman ! 14 years young 
This guy is the Sweetest old man I’ve ever met, he wants to chill on the couch, go for a walk then take a nap lol
He’s a super sweet guy !!! For being 14 He’s still pretty spry, Just looking for a place to chill for his days !!!!
He’s great on car rides, or just snuggling, and he snores !!!
 Who’s looking for a sweet old man to chill on the couch with ??


My name is Leah

I’m a really cute spitfire pup! I LOVE everyone, and everything, i love to play play play

I listen really good, I learnt sit really fast. I do like to jump up but I’m still a puppy and I’m learning OK 

I walk great on leash, and off leash! I am really socialized with all kinds of dogs, people, and kids! 

I am about 5 months old,  Spay’d, Vaccinated, and Microchipped ! 


Ready to find my Family !!!!   


My name is Sammy

I’m really Pretty, I have a Super Cute Face and a Button Nose.

Black Dogs usually get picked last so I hope I find a home soon!

I’m about 9/10 months, I’m a little/Medium Size girl, I’m really Smart, Cuddly, I can be a little Shy at 1st till I warm up, but it doesn’t take me long, I Love all dogs, people, kids, I just LOVE to play! 


I am Spay’d, Vaccinated, and Microchipped, 

Just wanna find my Family !!



My name is Hunter

I was rescued for a shelter in the states, and my rescue mom brought me to Canada, I like it here!  Everyone is real nice! 

I am a really good boy, I’d love to snuggle all day long if I could, or just go wherever you go to, I like car rides, and I listen really well ! 

I am really friendly with all the dogs I’ve met so far,  and I really like to play! 

I can pull on the leash a little, but I’m just so excited to go for a walk, but I do correct well when my rescue mom tells me to stop. 

I am all Neutered, Vaccinated, and Microchipped!

I’m ready to go just need my Family to come get me !!!  


Sully Is an Absolute Perfect Dog !
He is the nicest Boy, so friendly with people, kids, most dogs, he’s goofy and soooo cuddly, he loves to hangout with you, walks and car rides !! 
He’s a dream dog !!!!
Sully is About 3ish
Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped….
Who wants this handsome boy to join the family ??


My name is Leo
I just Turned 4, My Birthday was Nov 26th….  I think I’m really Handsome ! 
I do need to be an Only Pet, I like allll the attention, while I’m ok with some dogs, I don’t want to live with any other animals. I am a super snuggler, I wanna be wherever you are. 
I love chasing the ball, I do get excited on leash and pull a little, but cummon I Love my walks. 
I am Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped ! 
Who wants a Sweet Guy like me??


Meet Bailey

Bailey is the most affectionate, loyal girl you could have. She loves car rides, and going for runs, she loves to be wherever you are. She is good with other dogs, kids and people. 

She is Spay’d, Vaccinated, and Microchipped


Who wants to add a sweet  little companion to their house? 


These 3 Cuties are looking for homes
Dottie, Bobbie, Lillie 
They are about 4 months, Neutered/ Spay’d, and Vaccinated
They are a Shepard Mixed Breed I would say. 
SUPER SMART, Very Cuddly, and Playful, they have been very Socialized with lots of dogs and people. 
They just need homes !! 

Foxy Brown

This Beautiful Girl is Looking for her Forever Home

Foxy has the BEST Personality, super easy going, chill, Smart and Playful. She’s very unique looking, those Green eyes are soooooo Pretty, and those Fuzzy ears just crack me up !!


Foxy is about 5 months old, Spay’d, Vaccinated, Very socialized with all types of Dogs, People, kids.

Who wants to take home a Sassy red Head? Lol


My name is Foxy, because I’m Beautiful, and Spicy !
I’m super playful. friendly with all dogs, people, kids, cats, I’m the Perfect Puppy 
I’m Spay’d and 1st Vaccinations with Bordetella.
My mom is the last 2 pictures, 
Who’s  looking for a Perfect Pup to add to the family ? 


Meet Max

Max is a SWEEET Snuggler Boy He LOVES to be wherever you are! Max is 4 years old Max is very friendly with Dogs, Kids, People, Not 100% with cats but id say he would be fine        Max is very well mannered, and has the Cutest Face ! 

He would do well with a family that is around alot, he doesn’t like to be alone 

Max is looking for a family to love him forever !!!


My name is Gina, 

I’m super playful, I’m super super cuddly.

I listen really well, and I love to play with all kinds of dogs, and I actually don’t mind cats!! 

I Love people and kids too…

I am max 2 years old, I’m about 60 pounds. I’m a really good girl! 

I’m Spay’d, Vaccinated, and Microchipped… 

Who wants to take me home? 


My name is Daisy  

I’m a little round lol, but I’m very sweet , loving, and cuddly…. I’m an older gal, lots of aches and pains, but I’ve still got lots of life … 

I’ve had a rough life, so need a home with lots of love where I can live out my days being spoiled, I am palliative care so I need some extra care…  I’m selective of my dog friends, I’m also ok being the only pup to get all the love 

 Who is interested in this sweet chunky girl ?


My name is Grace 

I’m a really pretty girl, I’m about 2 ish, I just had a litter of 6 Babies, but now I just want to be a dog!!!  No more mom’ing for me!!!!

I’ve had a tough life so now I just wanna be on your couch, chilling, playing, and doing whatever you do! . I’m very friendly, I’m great with Kids, and Cats too! I’m super cuddly  

 I’m Spay’d, Vaccinated and Microchipped 

Just Looking for a home !


My name is Reuben

I’m  a real sweetheart, I’m about 5/6 ish months, I’m a really good boy!  I’m very playful, very smart, I listen really well, and have great manners for the most part !!

I love all dogs, cats, Kids !! . Looking for a New Home..

Who wants to adopt me? 


My name is Vinny, I think it really suits me!

I’m a realllly good boy,  I love everything, dogs, cats, people, kids. I’m super friendly, I listen really well. I am house trained, I think i’m really cute !!!

I am about 7 Months old, Vaccinated, Neutered, Microchipped.


Who’s looking for a cute guy like me to take home? 


My name is Louie.. 
I am about 5 ish years, I am Neutered, Vaccinated, and Microchipped! 
I was abandoned at a Gas Station, by-law picked me up, my family never came for me… SO now I’m looking for a new family !! 
I’m a pretty docile, gentle giant. I can hangout by myself or cuddle on the couch, I’m pretty easy going ! 
Daily walks are a must for me,  nothing makes him happier, and I’m great on a leash!
I prefer a home with no other animals,  I’m not mean and aggressive, I just prefer to be the center of attention. I also don’t need to be in a crate, I’m a perfect dog left alone in the house, I’ll just be waiting for you on the couch to get home LOL … 
I’m a Really Good Boy!!!  
Woes ready to take me home? 


My name is Bowser
I’m a baby I’m about 1- 1.5  and 62 pounds, I love to cuddle, I am good with dogs, I’ll play a little bit but I’d rather play fetch with a stick, I’m a little OBSESSED with the stick, I bring it back and drop it nicely too!! 
I am super loyal, and I’m not super fond of the car rides but I’m working on it! 
I am Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped… 
Who wants a Sweet, Handsome Lovable Boy to take home?


This girl is absolutely a sweet sweet sweet dog, she loves all people, she is a huge cuddler, LOVES car rides, and being anywhere you are. She loves all the attention. She is good with Big dogs, she isn’t sure of little dogs, they make her nervous, NO cats, she will chase and hunt them ! 

Sheebah is  about  1 year and 3 months, Vaccinated, Spay’d and Microchipped .

Whose looking to add a sweet girl to their family ???


My name is Sarah

I’m a sweet, cuddly, I am a little shy at 1st till I warm up to you. I Love snuggles, walks, playing; I’m great with dogs, cats, and kids.

I’m about 7 months old, 52 pounds, I’m gonna be a bigger girl. But that’s more of me to LOVE 


I am Spay’d, Vaccinated, and Microchipped.


Who wants to add me to the family? 


My name is Sadie 

I’m a really pretty girl, I’m about 3 ish, I’m very friendly, I wanna be wherever you are, I love belly rubs, snuggles, and car rides.

I am friendly with other dogs, but I’m not a lets play kinda girl, but maybe I could learn.       I’ve seen cats and I just don’t care about them, so if they leave me alone in all good if they are in the house 

I’m Spay’d, Vaccinated and Microchipped 

Someome adopt me please !!!!

Beatrice and Fergie

2 Sweet Pups left !!!! Shepard Mix, Mom had the best temperment, these girls are very chill and so smart !!  

They are about 14 Weeks, Spay’d , 2nd Vaccinations and Microchipped. 


who wants to add a sweet girl to thier Family ??


This girl is absolutely a sweet sweet sweet dog, she loves all people, she is a huge cuddler, LOVES car rides, and being anywhere you are. She loves all the attention. She is good with Big dogs, she isn’t sure of little dogs, they make her nervous, NO cats, she will chase and hunt them ! 

Sheebah is  about  1 year and 3 months, Vaccinated, Spay’d and Microchipped .

Whose looking to add a sweet girl to their family ???

Puppies !!!!!

PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES … . Ready to find their homes !! ❤❤ 

They are a  bully mix only One Male (the one blue eye/one brown eye) all others female ..

13 ish weeks, all Spay’d/Neutered, 2nd Vaccinations and Microchipped 

Sweet Playful Pups…. . Who wants to add a pup to the family??


My names is Chaz
I’ve had a rough start, I was pretty banged up when I was rescued, my face was tore up really bad, I was found under the deck with maggots all over me. I was very shy and timid ( I still can be a little), I was in a house that was known to beat dogs, If only I could talk, the stories I could tell…. Maybe It’s best I can’t.. 
I’ve been realllly looked after, nursed my wounds, and shown SO SO SO much LOVE.  I LOVE to cuddle, I am very friendly, I am super chill, and listen really well, I love to play with dogs, and just follow you around! 
I am about 5 ish, Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped 
I just want a family that will love me, and I can love back !! 


My name is King 🤴🤴 

I’m a super handsome BIG BOY !!! Over 100 pounds but I’m a real Softy, I LOVE snuggling, being lazy, and walks I like dogs, I don’t really care about them, I don’t really wanna play, but I’ll hangout with them… I’m good with kids, I’ve never met a cat… but I LOVE to chase squirrels and rabbits LOL… and I’m a strong boy, so when I see one hold on LOL.. 

I’m Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped !!! Ready to find a couch to chill on…


My name is River
I am about 2-3 ish years, I think I’m VERY pretty with my one blue eye,  
I was abandoned, my last owner just moved out on me, and left me and another pup alone to fend for ourselves,  I was pregnant, had 8 babies, now I’m done being a mom and just wanna be a dog !! 
I LOVE kids, chilling on the couch, going for walks, and being wherever you are! 
I’m Ok with cats, most other dogs too !
Whose ready to take me home? 


Mamma Cammi

 This girl is absolutely a sweet sweet sweet dog, she loves all people, especially kids, she’s soooooo good with them…. 

She was a mamma to 3 babies, now its her turn to be a dog !!!! . She isn’t 100% with other dogs, that’s likely from being a mom and so protective, so that may come out of her as her harmones settle, she LOVES to be wherever you are, she needs a home where people are home a lot, wouldn’t do well with someone who works 8-10 hours away from home.. Someone with kids would be great, she almost “mothers them” its so cute, she loves walk on leash, loves the water and lots of cuddles… 

Mamma Cammi is Vaccinated, Spay’d and Microchipped .

Whose looking to add a sweet girl to their family ???

Butter and Georgie

These 2 Cuties are looking for homes!
Both Girls, Super Playful Puppies.
They are spay’d, 2nd Vaccination, and Microchipped
The are 12 weeks old, they are gonna be medium size, mom was only 44 pounds 
Just looking for families to love them !!!!!!


Copper is the most loving and affectionate companion. Cutest permanent puppy face/ears on him!!! . He is very smart, a fast learner, and a very loyal and protective friend. He loves to play but is just as content laying on the couch to watch a movie as well He’s happy to hangout at home during a work day but then also go out for a hike, walk, run, or any physical activity you can throw at him . He is so so loving and listens very well, Loves his head scratches and butt rubs, he really just wants to hangout with his people and be loved though.  . He is dog selective, would prefer an only dog home!


Whoes looking for a sweet companion?


This is beautiful Meesha,
She’s absolutely amazing !!!!
Super sweet, super friendly, super cuddly, listens pretty well, loves car rides, hanging out with you and of course playing…
 She’s about 6 months, she’s 25 pounds now, I cant see her getting to much bigger, Meesha is Spay’d, fully Vaccinated, and Microchipped
Just looking for her family !!!!!!


My Names Onyx

I am a  Super Handsome German Shepard Mix! 

I’m about 10 ish months. 

I am super playful, I have lots of manners,  I am very friendly with Dogs, People, Kids. 

Just looking for a new home !!


My Name is Hardy…

I know I can look intimidating but I am a HUGE Sweetheart, I am actually pretty nervous of things, I am very friendly when you get to know me !!

I am Vaccinated, Neutered, Microchipped

I am friendly with dogs, I really like to play !!!  

Now I can be standoffish at 1st, I’m getting used to more things, I’ve been sheltered a lot of my life, So I’m ready to get out and experience the world slowly !! 

I know lots of tricks, sit, shake, down, I get excited on the leash and pull, but I’m working on that….   I’m a REALLY Good Boy, I Love my Crate, Car rides, and just chillin. 

Who wants to take me home ?? 


I’m looking for a new home, I’m super playful and friendly.

I’m 9 months old, I love to play with dogs, I don’t know about cats yet!!! 

Wanna take me home? 


My name is Copper…. 
I am 3 years old, Neutered, All Vaccinated and Microchipped. 
I would like a family with NO KIDS, kids haven’t been nice to me so I just don’t like them.  I an friendly with other dogs. I am Nervous and Unsure at 1st, takes me a bit to trust you, but when i do you are my BFF…  
I would just LOVE a home to chill in and finally be a dog !! 
If you are that Family i would LOVE to meet you !!! 


My Names Scotty 

I’s Super Handsome I think !!!!

I’m under a year old, I’m Vaccinated, and Neutered I’m about 50pounds, this pictures make me look smaller ! 

I am very friendly with Dogs, People, Kids,  I just really don’t like cats, they bug me ! 


Just looking for a new home !!


My names Wolfie
I was  shot in the knee so we amputated my back leg, you wouldn’t even know, I have adjusted perfectly, and I run, jump, play you wouldn’t even know… I love playing with dogs, I like cats, and kids too. I am a very well rounded dog LOL, I like anything and everyone!
I am Neutered, Vaccinated, and Microchipped.
Just looking for my new home !


My Names Billie… 

I am one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet, I’m so so gentle, and cuddly, I’d love to just hangout with you wherever you go. 

I’m under a year old, I’m Vaccinated, and Neutered I’m about 60pounds. 

I am very friendly with Dogs, People, Kids. 

Just looking for a new home !!


My name is Sarah… 
I am under a year, I’m just a baby!
I am a little Nervous at 1st, but I warm up really quick, I like to roll on my back for belly rubs !! I like to collect things, toys and take them back to my bed for safe keeping 
I am Very friendly, and  I love dogs
Who wants to take me home ?


I’m looking for a new home, I’m super playful and friendly.

I’m about 5 months old, I’m a Shepard mix, I’m super smart! 


Wanna take me home? 


My name is Benji…. 
I am under  a Year
I am super playful, friendly, and Love hanging with you, I’d prefer to not be alone! What can I say I love my people.
Look at my Face, I’m just the cutest EVER!
I’m only little, about 40 pounds, I’m the Perfect size ! 
Woes ready to take me home? 

Taz has been Adopted !!

We are 1 year old Brothers !

I’m so happy my Brother Taz got adopted, now its my turn !!! 

I am VERY friendly to people and kids, i am friendly with other dogs, and love to play !!!

I need some manners training, but I’m smart and want to please, and getting better everyday 

I love being in the vehicle, and wherever you are ! 

I am Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped. 

Who wants to take me home? 


I am a Super Sweet Girl

About 8 ish Months Old

I am Spay’d, Vaccinated and Microchipped. 

I am Very Friendly with dogs, BUT I can have a possessive side with food and toys, not always but sometimes! (what can I say I don’t always like to share)

So I should be an only dog in the house, unless someone has experience with helping me through my possessive side,  but I go to doggy day care and love to play, I walk pretty good on a leash,  I love to snuggle, and ride in the car with you . 

Looking for my Forever home !!! 


 My name is Jett

I am 8  months old.  I am Neutered, Vaccinated and Microchipped.  I’m just looking for a forever home.

I need some training, what can I say I an just a BIG PUPPY at heart LOL, I don’t know my own size, BUT I am very smart and learn quick, I just need someone to work on my jumping up, leash skills, and how to play nicely..

Just Basic manners … 


Maybe you wanna teach me??? 

Baby Blue

Will be available soon!

My name is Blue !!!!!
I’m too young to be adopted just yet… 
But i will be soon
Im only 8 ish weeks old, i need to get my Vaccinations, and be Spay’d
Make Sure to Check Back, I’ll Be Ready Soon !! 

Blue & Melly

We are 11 Month old Brothers ! 

We are Mastiff/ Pitty Mix, We are Extremely Handsome !! 
We are Extremely Playful, We definitely need to work on our manners!! 
We are a little Nervous of new people and things, but we know we can adjust and we are working on it! 
We are all Vaccinated and Neutered 
We don’t have to stay together, but if someone had an acreage we would love to stay together,  but we also can go to separate homes ! 
I don’t think we would do well with smaller kids/toddlers as we don’t have proper manners yet! 
Who’s looking to take one of us or both of us home??


This is Bran !!!!
We have been trying to save this dog for a year, FINALLY we got him !!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
He used to be picked on by dogs so bad, they made a special collar for him with the screws pointing out so dogs couldn’t bite his neck, he would hide under the deck, afraid !!!! .(see 2 of the photos)
He now has Cataracts and is mostly blind, he has some bad anxiety ( which he is now on some medication for), he will be seeing the eye doctor to see if we can fix his cataracts, what an AMAZING thing if he will be able to see again, it will be a very emotional day !!! 
This boy is sooooo Sweet, he finally giving me kisses and giving me his belly, thats trust,  this boy is sooooooo special to me !!! He needs a home, or a foster home, he wants to be around someone all day, it would make him feel more comfortable, he has the full run of my rescue now, and he gets excited when I say “hi bran” and hangout with him, but I can’t spend all day with him so I feel bad….
Who wants to give this sweet , amazing boy a home? Or foster home? …
He deserves to have LOVE for the rest of his life !!!!



My names is Danny,
I’m a Cutie that’s for sure!!!
I came from a Dog Hoarder house with 36 dogs,  so I am very friendly with dogs,  I can be a little nervous of people and new things, but I’m working on it!!  I warm up quickly.
I’m about 8-9 months, I’m only 36 pounds. I’m Neutered and all Vaccinated. 
I’m just looking for my Perfect Family !! 



This is Mamma,  this sweet girl is looking for a home!! 
Her 11 babies have all found homes and Mamma is ready to be a dog and find a home!
Shes super super sweet, cuddly, she is also a stubborn girl lol
She loves to be inside and outside, she definitely needs a yard to cruise around in, she would do well with anither Male Dog, LOVES to play !!!!!   
She is going to be the most Loyal dog to anyone who loves this girl !!! 
Mamma is great with people and kids, she loves Male Dogs!!!!  
Mamma is  about 2-3 years old, Spay’d, and fully Vaccinated! 
Whoes looking for a Sweet Mamma??



I’m just a little Pup names Jessie !
I’m only 9 weeks so I won’t be up for adoption quite yet
I am super super cute and very smart. I think I’m a Lab Mix !! 
I will be spay’d, have my Vaccinations, Microchipped 

and I will be ready to Adopt soon !!! 





My names Riggs !!!!!
I’m a super sweet, funny guy !!
I’m 5 years old, American Bulldog !!
Vaccinated, Neutered, and Microchipped …
I need to loose a few pounds, ok ok maybe like 15 pounds,  what can i say… Im Food Motivated lol… I know lots of tricks too!! 
I like hanging with you in your car, i’m a great Co-Pilot. I’m a strong boy so hold on when we go for walks, i’m working on it, i just get excited!!!
 I am friendly with dogs, (some big dogs can make me nervous and unsure) … and I can scare little toddlers with my size and knock them over LOL …
I’m just looking for a new home,  who wants to take this studd muffin home ??



This is Sugar !!!!!she is seriously the Sweetest girl!!!…   aka Big Mamma
She is friendly with every dog shes met, she is vaccinted, spay’d shes about 7ish…. but acts 3 lol…  she is 112pnds (she needs to loose a few) …  
She is a Great Pyrenees Mix,  just the nicest dog Looking for a home !!! 
She was an owner surrender, they didnt have time for her, she loves being inside and outside!!
Whoes looking for a Sweet Sweet girl ??



My names Boston !!! 

Im about 2 ish years old, Vaccinated and Neutered (Tomorrow lol)….  I’m gonna be a bigger boy, and need to eat a bit to fill out!

Im a Shepard/ Rotti/ Husky cross,  im a HUGE Baby !!!! I want to be wherever you are, I love kids,  im friendly with bigger dogs, im unsure of smaller dogs, and i don’t like cats at all!! Im super super smart. And i listen great 👍 👍 👌

I walk nice on a leash, and i like to run!!!
I would be a great addition to any family!!

Who wants to take me home? 



My names Easton!!!

I’m a pure bred Blue Nose Pittbull, i’m about 3 years old.

Im neutered, all my vaccinations are up to date, i’m in perfect health, and check out my bod, i’m shredded!!!!! 
I Love walks (i could use a little leash training), i get excited and pull a little. Im ok with cats, i’m good with kids, and i love people,  i really do love other dogs, i need to work on my manners a bit, i come in a little hot, i just get so excited,  so i need to work on that a little bit.  
I am crate trained, house trained, i sit, shake, lay down, and i definitely love belly rubs…. 
Im looking for a home!!!  Who wants to adopt me?



This sweet girl is looking for a Home!!!!!!!
Chassey is her name, 3.5 years old, friendly with dogs and kids, No Cats !!! 
She’s very loyal, and gets attached quickly,  
She loves belly rubs, walks, shes trained to Sit,  Shake, Sits on her walks loves car rides, house trained, she does need some leash work, she pulls a bit, but a work in progress…. such a Sweet sweet girl, and so pretty!
Who’s looking to add a baby girl to the family???



This Sweet girl Lexi is looking for a new home!!!!!! 
She is 5 years old, super sweet, cuddly, AND THOSE EARS are Hilarious…. She doesn’t like little dogs, but bigger dogs are good, LOVES people…She loves car rides, snd being anywhere you are!!!
Who is looking to add a new Dog?



This is Bruiser!!!!! 
He’s 9 years old, a total sweetheart, loves car rides, the couch, and bones, he’s a total Cuddler!!!!!
Bruiser has has Ultimate K9 Protection training, so needs an owner that understands that or is willing to learn and take a few sessions so you also know the commands!!!! 
He listens really well, sit, shake, down, come!!! He’s good with most other dogs, does not like cats!!!! 
He would do really well in a chill home, as he’s a little older, but still loves walks!!! 
This sweet guy just wants to be a couch potato LOL.



This is Loki!
Loki is 8/9 months old, we actually rescued him, his 10 brothers and sisters and their mamma,  we have him back and he’s looking for a new home!!!!! 
He is gonna be a big boy, he’s all  legs right now lol… Super friendly, loves to play ball, great with kids (doesn’t realize his size) , friendly with dogs… just a big goofball!!!! 
Whoes looking for a new boy? 



My Name is Flex!!!
Im originally from Saskatchewan,  but i recently moved to Calgary, looking for a new home!!!!!
Im super cute, ruggedly handsome!!!! Ive got a spec of white in my left eye !! I think it’s cool. Im about 2ish years old.
I am very friendly, loving, cuddly, very playful, i like other dogs mostly my size, cuz i like to wrestle !!!!! i don’t 100% know how to play, so i can mouth an little bit, but shove a toy in my mouth and im good #imTrainable… 
I don’t like cats at allllllll!!!!!!!! 
Whoes looking for a new addition to thier Fam Jam??? Im ready to come Home!!!!



He’s suuuper cute, cuddly, and just a sweet dog, he just wants to be wherever you are !!!!
Hes just over a year, neutered,  Vaccinated,  and about 48 pnds!
He is dog selective,  but not aggressive just nerveous and unsure, but has made lots of friends !!!! Great with kids,  he’s great for walking/hiking,  super smart, and loves to learn !!! 
Whoes looking for a cute guy to add to the family??



This is Buddy !!!… 
He is amazing,  a complete Love Bug, just a huge lap dog, he wants to be wherever you are and being touched at all times LOL….
He is good with dogs, kids, and cats, he loves people, just a super friendly dog, loves to run run run ….. Buddy just has the cutest button eyes, Soooo Sweet !!! 
Will be Neutered and Vaccinated, 
This big head is looking for a home!!!! 

Brody & Hazel


These 2 need to be adopted together  
They were found in an abandoned back yard together …. Or even a Fostet for now would be awesome!!!
They are 2ish and 4 ish, Spay and Neutered, Vaccinted,  they could loose a few pounds lol.  great with kids also!
But are SUPER CUDDLY, Sweet, Loving!!! 
Terrible car dogs because they just want to get in your lap hahahahaha 
( but they will go sit in the back whenyou tell them) 
They definitely lived in a house,  they are couch potatoes, and house broken !!! 
They love to play fetch and listen really well when you tell them to come !!
They are friendly with dogs thier own size, littler dogs u sure, as hazel gets a little growly !! 
Who wants a sweet sweet pair ??



Well hello… My names Tigg !!!!!  
Im looking for my forever home, im 4 years old, im 80 ish pnds, American Bulldog !! Im Neutered,  and all Vaccinations are up to date !!! ✔ ✔ 
I can be a little nerveous at 1st, but once i like you you are my people, and i just wanna be touched and pet by you ! … 
One of my favorite things is the Ball, i can play for a really long time, im pretty good at bringing it back top !!! #superstar 
I want to be the only dog in the family tho,   soemtimes i dont get along with other dogs, and just want allllll the attention for me.. if you know what i mean !!! 🙃🙃🙃 and i dont really like cats either … 
I do love kids tho, and people when i get to know you, i am a supppppper loyal guy and im your mine for life !!!  I love tp snuggle, ride in the car, and just hangout!!
Whoes looking for a handsome fella like me to take home forever?????? 😎😎😎



Sweet little Bella Bear is looking for a home….  
Shes a Lab/Bully Mix, about 1.5 years old, lots of energy, loves people, kids, great with dogs,  loves to play play play… 
Shes super super sweet, great in the vehicle, loves belly rubs, and just has the cutes sweetest eyes !!!!   
Bella is spay’d and all vaccinations  !!!!  
Whoes looking for a sweet girl??



My name is Junior
Im a Rotti Mix, about 3-4 months old,  im very very playful, im also very smart, i sit, shake both hands, spin,  i love to learn  !! 
Im fully Vaccinated and Neutered. (I have a story, you can ask my current mom) 
Looking for my family !!!! 


My names Chopper,  im about 5 or 6, im a really big couch potatoe !!!  
I love to chill, hangout with you wherever you go… 
I do really like to chase Gophers, Squirrels,  so i dont think id like a cat lol.. 
Im fully Vaccinated and Neutered, I am a big, in shape boy,  I’m very selective of my doggy friends !!!   i have some history but my current mom can tell you about that,  She thinks im AWESOME.!!!! 
Ready to be your couch potatoe, Whoes ready for me?

Danny and Doogie

These 2 boys have been alot, they both came from a dog horder house, they were sooooo scared, took about 3 weeks before they would trust enough to let us pet them,  they are still nervous of new people and things,  so need someone with patience !! But OMG when they trust you they LOVE you and are super cuddly and have amazing personalities !!! 
They are about 7 ish months old, 35 ish pounds, fully Vacinated and Neutered. 
They are friendly with other dogs, not sure about cats but i think they would be fine. 
Whoes looking to add a sweet little guy to the family ? 


This is Tazz!!!

Tazz came from Tijuana, she is about 8 months ish, she is Spay’d and Upto date Vaccinations. 
She is super sweet, very playful, she can be a little nerveous at 1st. She loves car rides, and being wherever you are!!!  
Who want a sweet little pup? 


 My name is Bolt!!! 

I’m about 8 – 9 year old beagle however the vet has said i may be younger!! 

I am  neutered, tattooed and chipped, i also have all my  vaccinations, and health checks.

I know how to sit, shake a paw, and come when treats are handy!  Haha. I am sooo cuddly and loving. I makes a rumbling noise when being petted that I think is so cute! 

I definitely needs a family who is able to have lots of time and experience owning a beagle who can be around me most of the day every day, who is kind and patient, and who also can work with a dog who has been abused.

            My back story: 

Bolt was apparently beaten, starved, and confined along with other dogs so Bolt does have some separation anxiety.  He is definitely extremely excited when we return after having been out, he does not like to be left alone for long periods of time!  He’s very vocal like a beagle is!  He gets along well with other dogs most of the time, and we have long walks/runs 3 times a day and he loves every moment sniffing and running (on a very long 30 foot leash).  He seems good with kids but has a tendency to snap (not bite) over food & treats. His excitement to see/meet people can come across as to scare people, but he really likes people when they feel comfortable around him….he is just loud when he is trying to say hello and wants to meet other dogs and people!

              One odd thing is he does not like his paws wiped off after being out in the rain, wipe all of him down except for his paws?? 

Woes looking to give me LOTS’s of LOVE and attention ??